Bruce Silton Fine Art



On Cape Cod, 1985 

(With my niece, Brett Silton),  



My Purpose as an Artist

 by Bruce Silton


My purpose as an artist is to communicate beauty and happiness to the viewer, and thus improve the quality of his or her life. Only rarely, therefore, are my paintings dark, scary and brooding. Usually they are filled with light, joy, freshness and space.

I try to keep them simple and accessible. Each painting's "significance", as expressed in the individual work's title, is meant merely as a "starting point", a sort of guide to the viewer to begin his own looking.



  Looking, 2000


Now and then I will paint something easily recognizable: a stand of trees, a field, clouds and mountains.



The White Pony, 1996 


But these are exceptions. Far more often, the forms and colors come only from me and my imagination. Thus, I do not look at one of our magnificent Florida sunsets, then turn to my easel  and make a picture of that sunset. Rather, I look at skies wherever I am. If none are available I make up a "mental sky" and enjoy looking at that. Then, one day, I prepare paper, pastels, acrylics and other materials and start painting. Hours or days or even weeks later, I have an image of "skyness", or perhaps "freedom" or "movement" that satisfies me. Others seem to like them, too.



 The Trees, 1989


Oftentimes, I will create an image QUITE unlike the conventional world of three dimensions that we are most familiar with. In such pictures the space and forms and time are uniquely mine. At least to start with.Then you, the observer, can begin your own creative contribution to the image. That’s where your pleasure begins, and when my purpose has been achieved.




Long Ago and Far away, 1994 


So, when you write or call and let me know about what you have seen and enjoyed, I am very glad to hear from you.



In Griffith Park, Hollywood, 1996 


Looking, Copyright 2000 Bruce Silton 

The Trees, Copyright 1989 Bruce Silton

Long Ago and Far Away, Copyright 1996 Bruce Silton

The White Pony, Copyright 1995 Bruce Silton 

On Cape Cod (with my niece, Brett Silton), Copyright 1983 Leslie Silton

In Griffith Park,  Copyright 1996 Bruce Silton


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