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monday, august 09, 2010
First Blog

(There is a first time for everything and this is my first blog.)


My painting "In the Garden (East Grinstead)" is the cover art of the first Clearwater, Florida edition of the Who What Where? The Directory, a publication that provides  advertising for both businesses and non-profit organizations that improve the survival of themselves, others and the environment. Sally Heath, the directory's publisher, was searching for a local arist whose works were well known in the Clearwater/Tampa Bay region, and she found that art met her requirements.



On page 3 of the directory is a full-page advertisement for my art. The theme of the ad is "Art for the Human Spirit". Since it had to be black and white and grey only, I edited a 1990 painting, "Winged Victory", from color to black, white and grey to fit the publisher's requirements.   




The last publication to use my art on its cover was Gwynne Palmer's "Eat Well & Live", a book of recipes that follow the cancer-healing, dietary principles of Dr. William Kelly. 



05/11/2011 - Leslie Silton

I didn't know you now had two covers. They both look wonderful. I think your work is spectacular.

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